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Keto Shephards Pie

Using Parmesan-mashed cauliflower in instead of mashed potatoes creates a low-carb and keto KETO SHEPHARD’S PIE. This simple casserole dish is delicious and a wonderful way to honor St. Patrick’s Day.

A great way to observe the holiday is with this low-carb shepherd’s pie dish. I used my parmesan-mashed cauliflower as a substitute for the conventional mashed potatoes crust. Before baking, I added extra parmesan cheese to the mashed cauliflower shell.


For St. Patrick’s Day, I also enjoy making corned beef, but if you don’t like corned beef and want a hearty lunch, this keto Shepherd’s pie is a terrific alternative.

Ground meat topped with delicious vegetables, mashed potatoes, and cheese? Please, yes! In this keto shepherd’s pie recipe, I used excellent cauliflower mash in place of the potatoes and swapped out the peas, corn, and carrots that I would often use as low-carb vegetables. YUM!!!

Seriously, this Keto Shepherd’s Pie tastes so much better than the classic version, plus you won’t experience the terrible carb bloat afterward. This recipe has me super excited, especially for Nick who loves shepherd’s pie.



Traditional Shepherd’s Pie is made using lamb, but as ground lamb is less common in the US, ground beef is frequently substituted. For this recipe, either one may be used. I used ground beef since although I adore lamb, my husband does not.

I used frozen peas and fresh carrots for my vegetables. English peas would have been ideal, but they can be difficult to find. Swap out peas and carrots can be with other veggies like green beans and celery if you’re following a ketogenic diet.

The remaining filling ingredients are tomato paste, onions, broth, rosemary, thyme, and Worchester sauce. The filling is really tasty and easy to make.


Why it functions

The ground beef topped with gravy and low-carb vegetables make this recipe the pinnacle of layered comfort cuisine.
This dish reheats well, making it a terrific meal for a small family or a busy home.

Expert Advice

Sprinkle the xanthan gum sparingly on top of the beef when adding it. It will clump up if you add it all at once, just like flour does when it’s added to a hot recipe.
See below for advice on how to prepare the best cauliflower mash.




I use a food processor to prepare my mashed cauliflower topping.

Boil the cauliflower until it is quite tender. To keep your cauliflower mash from tasting watery, pat the cauliflower dry after which you put it to your food processor.

Combine cream cheese and heavy cream with the cauliflower to create a creamy cauliflower mash consistency.

The mash has a great flavor that helps to hide the flavor of the cauliflower thanks to the parmesan cheese.

What distinguishes this from Cottage Pie?

It is cooked with lamb in the UK. Cottage pie is made with beef. In the US, a meat and vegetable filling topped with mashed potatoes is known by the titles cottage pie and shepherd’s pie interchangeably.

I’ve always thought of this shepherd’s pie made with beef, but if you want the conventional form, use the same amount of ground lamb instead.


Use the same quantity of ground turkey for the shepherd’s pie filling for a leaner variation. Since turkey has a light flavour, you can wish to brown it with some Worcestershire sauce to give it a savoury flavour.


This keto shepherd’s pie dish is a terrific option to try if you’re in the mood for comfort cuisine but prefer something lighter. I do hope you like it!



  • Cauliflower florets, 1 lb
  • Cream cheese, 3 ounces
  • a half-cup of grated parmesan cheese
  • 2 to 4 ounces of heavy cream, salt to taste


  • 1 small onion, diced finely
  • 1 pound of ground lamb or beef
  • a half cup of cubed, tiny carrots
  • Frozen or fresh peas, half a cup
  • 1 cup beef broth 1 teaspoon coarsely chopped rosemary
  • 1 teaspoon finely chopped thyme
  • 1 teaspoon Worcester sauce
  • 2 teaspoons of tomato paste, salt to taste


  • Shredded 1/4 cup parmesan cheese
  • 0.5 tsp of finely chopped rosemary or thyme



  1. Soften cauliflower in boiling water. Drain, remove, and pat dry the cauliflower. Put in the food processor. Till the cauliflower is totally mashed, add the Parmesan cheese and cream cheese.
  2. Blend the mashed cauliflower, then 1 oz at a time, gradually add the heavy cream. The mashed cauliflower should not be too thin, therefore you must be careful not to add too much liquid. As required, salt the food.


  1. Add onions and ground beef to a big skillet. Heat skillet to a medium-high temperature. While the ground beef cooks, stir and crumble it. Cook beef until browned and onions are transparent.
  2. Add tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, rosemary, thyme, carrots, peas, and broth. Mix Worcester sauce and tomato paste. If necessary, add salt. Simmer mixture before the heat is reduced to medium. Simmer combination for the duration necessary for the broth to decrease and slightly thicken.


  1. Set the oven to 350°F. Spread the filling in a casserole, measuring 7 by 11 inches.
  2. Mash the cauliflower and top the meat filling. Over the mashed cauliflower, spread 1/4 cup of grated parmesan cheese .
  3. Bake the mashed potatoes for TWENTY to TWENTY FIVE minutes in a preheated oven until the edges begin to brown. After that, turn the oven’s broiler to low and cook the dish for a few more minutes, or until the cheese is lightly browned.
  4. I suggest closely monitoring the oven because this should only take 2-4 minutes.
    Before serving, if preferred, sprinkle on 1/2 tsp of rosemary or thyme.


  • Fresh rosemary and thyme can be substituted with dried versions.
  • Don’t forget to utilise the entire one pound of cauliflower florets. You won’t have enough mash otherwise to cover the entire baking pan.
  • 85/15 ground beef and 2 oz. of heavy cream were used to compute the nutritional information. There is no salt in it.


calories: 340kcal,
carbohydrates: 9g,
protein: 22g,
fat: 23g,
saturated fat: 11g,
sodium: 508mg,
fiber: 2g,
sugar: 4g,
net carbs: 7g

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