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Avocado toast can be replaced with keto-friendly, gluten-free Keto Avocado Toast. This dish is made with low-carb bread, avocado, smoked salmon, and capers as garnishes. Any day of the week, a creamy avocado on low-carb bread makes the ideal breakfast, light meal, or snack.

When you don’t have much time but yet want to eat a nutritious and satisfying supper, this dish is ideal because it can be prepared in a short amount of time. This dish is perfect for those following a ketogenic diet and is simple to personalize to your likes and preferences by adding different bread toppings, such as fried eggs.

Depending on what each member of your family prefers for toppings, you can create their own low-carb avocado toast. This is the best breakfast to eat on the run and the ideal lunch that can be customized.

How does avocado toast fit into a keto diet?

You can either prepare your own bread or purchase a loaf from your neighborhood grocer or online.

The steps to making this toast are as follows:

  • The keto bread is toasted.
  • On each slice, smash a bit of avocado.
  • Add everything bagel spice to the avocado.
  • To each slice, add capers and smoked salmon.

Essential elements

Only a few ingredients are required to make this mouthwatering keto avocado toast. You can substitute your preferred toppings for the standard ones.

Keto bread is available in a variety of low-carb bread varieties, whether you prepare it yourself or buy it at the supermarket. They all have different carbohydrate counts and some are wheat-based or gluten-free. Below the recipe, I’ve added some of my faves.
Sliced or mashed avocado can be placed on top of toasted bread.
Salmon that has been smoked adds flavour and protein to avocado toast. Choose smoked salmon without added sugar.

Capers are an optional addition that complements salmon wonderfully.
Everything Avocado seasoning essential: bagel seasoning!


  • 2 keto bread slices
  • 50gms of avocado
  • 2 oz. of optionally smoked salmon
  • Capers, optional everything bagel seasoning, 1 teaspoon


  • First, toast the bread.
  1. Two pieces of keto bread should be toasted in a toaster, air fryer, or under the broiler in the oven.
  • STEP 2 Include avocado
  1. On each piece of toasted bread, slice or smash an avocado. Add bagel seasoning.
  • 3rd Step: Add toppings
  1. Add smoked salmon and capers.

Tips for choosing the best avocados

When you’re in the grocery store, how can you know if the avocado you’re holding is ripe?

Avocado stem: An easy-to-remove avocado stem is a sign that the fruit is ripe.

Now examine the stem’s underside for color. This will indicate whether the fruit is just right for eating or is excessively ripe; if it’s brown, it’s too ripe.

Avocados that are still unripe are plucked from trees when they are still bright green. When they stop having any green specks and turn completely brown and slightly squishy, they are ready to be eaten.

Nutrition Information

Amount Per Serving
Calories 319
Fat 23.5g
Protein 16.5g
Total Carbs 34g
Net Carbs 3g

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