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Keto Fried Fish

This Keto Fried Fish dish is incredibly tasty! Eat it straight up or put some tartar sauce on your favorite low-carb bun to make a great fish sandwich! You won’t believe that it adheres to the paleo diet and is minimal in carbs and gluten.
From kindergarten through college, I attended Catholic schools because I was raised as a Catholic. Although my religious beliefs have substantially evolved since then, I still like a nice fish fry! Every church in the area seems to specialize in a certain type of fish, as well as certain sides.
The fish from my childhood’s Lenten fish fry can easily be replaced with this dish!

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SERVES 4 individuals
READY TIME 10 minutes
15 minutes for cooking


  • Cod, tilapia, or pollock weigh 1 lb, and they all work well!
  • Almond flour, 1/4 cup
  • Pepper and salt
  • 2 to 3 teaspoons Spice Tony Chachere’s Creole You can use paprika or another flavor blend to make it gluten-free or paleo.
  • two beaten eggs
  • You will need enough oil for your skillet’s bottom to be around 12 inch deep when you are frying.
  • About a half cup of beef tallow was utilized.


  1. In a large, heavy skillet, warm the oil over medium-high heat. Set your electric skillet to 375 degrees Fahrenheit if you have one.
  2. The well-beaten eggs should be prepared in a rectangle dish.
  3. In a shallow dish, combine the almond meal and Tony’s and set it aside for the fish to dip in.
  4. The fish should be thoroughly dried with paper towels before being seasoned with salt and pepper, dipped in the egg, and then coated with the almond flour mixture. Extra flour should be shaken off the fish before serving.
  5. Put the fish in the skillet’s heated oil. Give(on each side) it TWO-FOUR minutes to heat .
  6. Before serving, transfer to a dish and let cool somewhat.


kilocalories: 344
4g of carbohydrates
25g of protein
Fat: 25g
1g of saturated fat
130 mg of cholesterol
Salt: 92 mg
498 milligrams of potassium
2g of fibre
165IU of vitamin A
1.2 milligrams of vitamin C
75 mg. of calcium
Fe: 1.6 mg


Another Variation Of The Recipe

With the help of some basic seasonings and almond flour, this keto fried fish is pan-fried until it has a golden brown, crispy exterior. There is enough of taste in the homemade spicy keto tartar sauce to go with the fish.

Why this recipe is so great, exactly…

Tilapia is a cheap, low-calorie, flaky white fish that is high in vitamins and minerals, according to Health line.

I adore this fish since it has a very mild flavor. This makes the hot tartar sauce the ideal dipping sauce for tilapia.
Fish should be covered in seasoned flour and fried in mildly flavored oil if you like your pan-fried fish with a crispy crust.

We use a combination of a tiny bit of almond and coconut flour to keep this dish low carb/keto friendly. When the fish is fried, you cannot tell that it wasn’t made using all-purpose flour.
Tuna cooked in the air fryer and grilled swordfish are two more delectable keto fish recipes to try. Both of them are incredibly tasty and simple to create.

Notes & replacements for ingredients

Tilapia fillets that were frozen and defrosted in the refrigerator for roughly 8 hours are the white fish we’re utilizing in this dish.
Cove fish is in almond and coconut flour . If you like, chickpea flour can be used instead. It has no gluten and is frequently used to cook fish.

Old Bay, salt, and pepper are the only basic seasonings required. Use any of your preferred spices. Try adding some paprika/garlic, dill, lemon pepper, crushed red pepper, and onion.
Fry the fish in a mild-tasting oil with a high smoke point.

Tartar sauce alternatives & keto hot

Combine the relish, mayo, lemon juice, chilli sauce, horseradish, mustard, and seasonings to make the spicy tartar sauce. You can change the amount of heat in the chilli sauce to suit your preferences. Keep chilled until you’re ready to use.
We enjoy fried fish with hot tartar sauce, but you may also try lemon cream, parsley, ketchup, herb, almond romesco, mint, tomato ginger, or sweet and sour sauces.

Step-by-step guidelines

Combine the almond and coconut flours with the spices.
After patting the fish fillets dry with paper towels, press them firmly into the flour mixture on both sides. Completely cover, then gently shake off any extra flour.
For one to two minutes, heat a cast iron pan or other sizable, heavy pan over high heat. Pour oil into the pan, then tilt it slightly while holding the handle to coat the bottom of the pan.
Don’t move the floured fish for at least two minutes after adding it to the pan.
Gently test if a fillet is releasing from the pan by sliding a metal spatula under it. Allow it to cook for another 30 to 60 seconds if it’s still stuck to the bottom.


With the help of some basic seasonings and almond flour, this keto fried fish is pan-fried until it has a golden brown, crispy exterior.


Sauce tartare

  • 1/2 cup of mayonnaise
  • 14 cup of sweetless pickle relish
  • Dijon mustard, 1 teaspoon
  • Horseradish, 1 teaspoon
  • 1 teaspoon of ordinary chilli sauce or garlic
  • one teaspoon of lemon juice
  • Old Bay seasoning, one teaspoon
  • Black pepper, 1/4 teaspoon
  • optional 1/2 teaspoon tarragon or dill

Fried fish

  • Two huge fillets of tilapia (about 6 oz. each) * 14 cup coconut flour and 1/2 cup fine almond flour
    1/2 teaspoon each of salt and pepper and 2 teaspoons of Old Bay seasoning
  • 2 tablespoons (olive, canola, vegetable or avocado)


Tartar Sauce

  1. Add all sauce ingredients together. Season to taste, and make any adjustments.
  2. Until needed, keep in the refrigerator.

Fillet fish

  1. In a small bowl, combine the flours and spices.
  2. For one to two minutes, heat a cast iron.
  3. The fillets are dried using paper towels. When coating the fish, dip it in the flour mixture and push it in. Throw away any extra flour.
  4. Pour the oil into the pan and use the handle while doing a gentle swirling motion.
  5. Let them fry for two minutes without moving them.
  6. If the fish has come loose from the pan, carefully put a metal spatula beneath it and flip it over. If the bottom is still a little bit stuck, let the fry another 30 seconds or so, and then flip.
    2 minutes longer on the other side. Reduce the heat if the oil is starting to smoke.
  7. Put fillets to a dish(lined with paper towels). Serve right away with lemon slices and tartar sauce.

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